Music Review – Fable Cry

“…even though I realized I had no idea what any of the songs might sound like, not even what instruments were used, I still found myself thinking about picking up the album. That’s good writing, in my books.

-Karl Low, Editor, The Voice Magazine

Letter in response to review

“I personally feel it is more important as an artist to thank you for your professionalism, work ethic and approach to how you have reviewed my work.”

-MC Shadow, Musician


“…it is clear that she has taken the time to listen and evaluate every note of their music. It is a rare quality in this fast paced industry where reviews are often rushed, pre written or composed of overused clichés. Samantha possesses strong journalism skills and I would highly recommend her for any writing position.”

– Diane Foy, PR Director, Skylar Entertainment

Music Review – Ludgate

“Thank you so much for this review. You really seem to have “got” what we were trying to do and you’ve described the CD so well. When asked, I often have trouble articulating what it is we do, but you’ve somehow found the words…”

-John Ludgate (Ludgate)