Speaking Events


  • Upcoming: “Self-governance in action: Navigating Crown/Indigenous legal tensions during the Robinson-Huron Treaty annuity lawsuit,” Association of Canadian Studies in the United States (ACSUS), Washington, DC, March 24-27, 2022
  • “A healing journey through academia: The quest for joy,” English Graduate Student Society, Department of English Graduate Virtual Conference, Carleton University, Online, May 8-9, 2021
  • Cui Bono and Social Capital: Understanding the White Saviour,” 1st SICS Research Symposium, School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies, Carleton University, Online, April 9, 2021, https://wordpress.com/view/icgccarleton.wordpress.com
  • Cui Bono and Social Capital: Understanding the White Saviour,” Social Capital Research Group, Social Capital Research and Training Institute, Dunedin, New Zealand, Online, February 19, 2021, https://youtu.be/6KmCZr4hAO0
  • “40 years of promises: Examining the white saviour trope in newspaper coverage of Grassy Narrows First Nation,” Brown Bag Talk series, Concordia University, October 23, 2019
  • Poster presentation: “Understanding the past to imagine the future: Canadian “national imagination” and white saviour themes during 1920 Indian Act compulsory enfranchisement amendments,” Imagining Canada: ‘Discovering’ & Navigating ‘All Our Relations’ in an (Un)Common Country Conference, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Online, September 4 2020
  • “Exporting the white saviour: The colonial textual influence on Canadian/Indigenous relationships,” 13th Native American Symposium, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, November 1, 2019

Guest Lectures

  • “Crown Sovereignty is a Myth: Resistance to Broken Treaties and the Resurgence of Indigenous Law,” INDG 1011: Introduction to Indigenous/Settler Encounters, Fall Semester 2021.
  • “Using CuPortfolio to create excellent research: An examination of my portfolio ‘Powwows: Ceremony as Resurgence,'” CDNS 4000: Capstone Seminar in Advanced Research, Fall Semester 2021, September 21 2021.
  • “Nipissing First Nations Land claim in 2013 and Living under Bill C31,” CDNS 1011: Introduction to Indigenous/Settler Encounters, Winter Semester 2021, co-Guest Lecturer (video interview).
  • “Indigenous coverage in newspapers: Representations and language in Canadian newspapers 1930-today,”n JOUR 205: Principles of Journalistic Thoughts and Practice, Concordia University, February 18 2019.
  • “Colonial Discourse and Journalism,” JOUR 500/601: Critical Approaches to Journalism, Concordia University, November 28, 2018.
  • “Interviewing Techniques,” JOUR 501: Research Methods for Journalists, Concordia University, June 27, 2018.